Aug 11, 2012

Three Week Review

My windows of opportunitie to blog have been few and far between so I apologize in advance for the clustered entry. Brody is still fabulous! Some changes that I have noticed from week two to week three is that he is more alert during the day and seems ravenous the past few days. We have had a few consecutive days of cluster feelings; however, they seem limited to the daylight hours thus far so I am grateful. At night Brody still continues to be a great sleeper. I feel like we are settling into more of a schedule and he typically sleeps from 10-2/2:30 and then 3/3:30-6. His second sleep stretch is consistently about 2.5-3 hours long whereas the first one has varied from 3.5-5 hours but is usually right in the middle at 4. During the day he will sometimes sleep during our morning walk but other times will choose to just look around. The past few walks he seemed really unhappy ( he lays flat on his back in the bassinet) after trying endlessly to give him his binkie I rolled him to his belly and he was super content! This kid loves tummy time! I would never put him to sleep this way but I could obviously see him and he was breathing and most importantly happy.
Not sure if other moms or dads have any input on this- but Brody's first two weeks he had very little reflux or gas and this week I have noticed a whole lot more. Does this typically take a few weeks to kick in or do babies who have issues with reflux have it from day one? I wouldn't say his gas or reflux is concerning but I have noticed an increase and he really likes to be upright for a good length of time after eating. Two days ago he hardly slept all day- was up around 9am and slept maybe an hour until 6pm. He wanted to eat non stop but would stop frequently because he had gas. Poor guy! Luckily at night he continues to sleep or else I think I would have lost my mind. I can handle the daytimes clingyness but my teeth may have not been brushed that day. Oops!
On Thursday we hosted one of my college friends, Jill and her son Owen who will be 10 months on the 21st of this month. What a cutie! He is such a happy boy and took a liking to Aaron, flashing him a smile any chance he could. He also loved the pups... The love was certainly mutual as the dogs loved cleaning Owen's tray and face after his meals.

Owen sporting his Hokie gear even if his dad is a UVA grad. Love the spirit Owen!

The boys "playing" in the rainforest gym. Owen has the same one at home!

How cute are these boys??
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