Aug 5, 2012

Nursery Reveal

I was so hoping the alphabet wall would be here and hung before revealing the nursery. The letters are supposed to take up a whole wall and really add some color to the stark white walls. Since we are renting we really didn't want to be bothered with painting and then needing to paint again before moving out. Although it has been 20+ weeks since I placed my order for the letters I am trying to remain patient and trust the company when they say they are backed up and I will get the letters eventually. Again, I would have loved them for Brody's arrival (even though he has yet to spend any time in the nursery) but I ordered them for longevity in that the letters will remain with him in his room until he decides he has outgrown the alphabet wall I paid way too much for and waited entirely too long to arrive.

No real theme to the room. If you remember the rooms "inspiration" stemmed from the the alphabet wall and a four foot giraffe which we now call "G."

The nursery is upstairs in the "bonus room" and has plenty of room to be both a nursery and playroom. The closet is on the other side of the stairs and essentially big enough to be a playroom. There isn't a door since it was intended to be a media room of sorts but it works great for BB.

The "nursing nook" which has not yet been used for that purpose since BB is sleeping in a pack and play in our room at the moment. I do look forward to wearing in this chair but with multiple late night feelings hiking upstairs is not high on my list.

We chose very basic and classic bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. Again, BB has not yet slept in his crib and once he does I plan to remove the bumper. It's purely for decorative purposes at this point. The mobile above his crib is a grouping of paper lanterns which I hung with fishing line. The green ones are made of tissue paper and the navy and white were purchased online for super cheap. This was a Pinterest inspired project. Of course you'll see "G" guarding the crib waiting to protect his future buddy, BB.

We chose a dresser which could also serve as a changing table. If you remember in early June my college roomies, Shannon and Heather came to visit and Shannon's husband, Brad and Aaron put this dresser together. We bought it at Ikea and it seriously came with 1,000 screws and took the boys just under three hours put together. They now refer to each other as Suisse cabinet makers even though Ikea is a Swedish company. That would make them Swedish cabinet makers I think. My plan is for the alphabet wall to cover this entire wall. It is so boring and white and the only wall with full height ceilings (since the room is essentially the attic.). Once the wall arrives I'll repost and update. Spot the giraffe print laundry basket on the floor? Another great find from Homegoods. Sometimes I feel like I strike gold in that place!

Bookshelf which hosts tons on books which I received at my baby shower in place of cards. I can't wait for BB to fall in love with reading and the magic of children's literature.

Yet another Pinterest inspired project, framed scrapbook paper. It's hard to see the one in the middle but it's leopard printed paper.

A Homegoods find. I love this song and love this canvas artwork.

A view from the "nursing nook" as you come up the stairs

I love these two framed pieces! From one of my favorite Beatles songs I think this is so fitting for BB's nursery- All you really do need in life is love. We are overflowing in that department as of lately.

A Passion Works flower from Athens, Ohio. This was given to us as a wedding gift from my friend Shelley and it was always hung elsewhere but I decided to move it to to the nursery. These beautiful flowers are made by people with disabilities and are made using recycled metal. This is the all silver one but they also come in beautiful vibrant colors (which I also have but it's in my office.). No one flower is the same since each are hand cut. Isn't it beautiful?

It's super nice that there is a bathroom up here. All of BB's bath toys and supplies are up here so our guests don't have to share a bathroom with him and trip over toys.

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