Aug 2, 2012

Two Week Review

Brody turned two weeks old on Tuesday and again, so far so good.  Up until today his feeding schedule remained the same- feed every three hours during the day and every 4-5 hours at night. I say this VERY cautionsly but he has been a dream at night.  I typically feed him around 10:30/ 11 and then he has been sleeping until about 3/3:30.   He then feeds for about 45 minutes and sleeps until about 7/7:30.  The second sleep stretch is not as long but I won't complain.  One late night feeding is more than enough.  I find myself staring at the clock counting down the minutes until he is finished and I can go back to sleep.

My mom is still here helping us out and the past two days we have ventured out of the house.  Wow, what a production to get out the door.  First it's making sure the baby just ate so I have a three hour window to get anywhere and do anything.  However, once he eats it's then time for me to eat, shower, use the bathroom, etc. and instead of three hours we now have an hour and a half.  So the thought process goes something like this.... Let the baby sleep for a half hour and then wake him to feed so he's full and and have a three hour window to go out.  After he's done feeding (again) five hours have passed since the thought of first venturing out surfaced.  Oh my!  Yesterday my mom treated me to a pedicure and I left BB home with Aaron.  Crossing my fingers we'd be back before he needed to eat again since I left BB with absolutely no food options.  I am not pumping yet and have not introduced a bottle to BB so it's just a lot of good timing to make sure he doesn't starve and Aaron doesn't have to listen to a cranky baby while I relax at the spa.  Luckily, I was able to pamper myself a little and no one starved and Aaron kept his sanity.  Today was a trip to the mall and Old Navy and with some great timing BB slept the whole time :)

In other BB news, his cord fell off earlier in the week so he was able to have a real bath in his whale tub.  I can't really tell if he liked or hated it but he was content for about a minute and then wanted out and to be dry.

Aaron headed to Buffalo today to recruit and will be back on Monday just as my mom heads back to Mass. It's so nice to have both the company and help. I've been absolutely spoiled these past few weeks with Aaron home, my dad here last week and my mom still here. It's fabulous to have someone else hold the baby and give myself a few minutes to do whatever it is which requires both hands.

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