Aug 13, 2012

Lessons from Motherhood

I am blessed that I have lots of experienced mommies in my life to give me lessons and advice about the joys of mommyhood. They warned me, prepped me and gave me insight to what life with baby will be like. However, until you experience some of these things first hand its hard to apply the message. In the past four weeks I have definitely learned a thing or two.

1. Breast feeding is a full time job. Although, (in my opinion) a very rewarding job it is really time consuming. Even though Brody had a rough start with the tight frenulum he really is a great at nursing. He just (as of lately) wants to nurse constantly. His night schedule remains the same (amen) but during the day he wants to hit the milk bar for what feels like an all day happy hour. This lesson is not a complaint- I am grateful for this experience and grateful I have the opportunity to bond with my babe. With that said, I can certainly see why this is not for everyone. I did find time this morning to pump 4 oz. so I'm thinking maybe Aaron can try a bottle and have a little QT with his 8 pound clone while maybe I have a chance to pee, brush my hair or perhaps enjoy a glass of wine.

2. Put your toothbrushes in the medicine cabinet. While BB is still sleeping in our room we have set up a pseudo changing table in our bathroom by using a towel on the countertop. Brody is excellent at peeing in his diaper as well as on me, Aaron, the wall, the mirror, etc. This morning he just missed the toothbrushes. Did you know that an 8 pound baby can pee nearly 2 feet?? No, I didn't either but I sure do now.

3. Not all babies love to sleep in their stroller. Call me naive but I assumed a nice walk in the stroller would equal a nice nap for baby. Not so much for the Brodymeister. The past few walks, even though he was just fed and changed, was miserable for most of the walk. He wanted the pacifier but it kept falling out. Do you know how hard it is to push a stroller and hold a pacifier in the mouth of a baby? Yeah, it's nearly impossible. However, as I type he is asleep in his stroller after a short stroll. He was screaming at first but once rolled over onto his belly he is going on one hour of sleep. I think he'll be a tummy sleeper just like me.

4. It's ok to make dinner at 9 am- or whenever the baby sleeps because this may be the only opportunity you get all day. We are eating one of the freezer meals for dinner so no prep needed there but the salad has been made and waiting in the fridge since 10 when Brody took his morning nap. The same goes for showering, brushing your teeth, etc. Yesterday it was nearly two before I brushed my teeth- but hey, it happened and that's what counts right??

Although we have learned so much more than just these four things in these four short weeks these are the ones I am able to remember at this time. Now it's time to scoop the babe for yet again some more time at the milk bar :)

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