Aug 14, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

It's amazing how much stuff one little person needs. When I registered for baby items I mostly based my decision on items from friends input and consumer reviews.
Many of the things we received for Brody will be used in the future but over the past four weeks there have been some items which have been super useful and I'll label them my favorite things- Brody seems to love these things too.

1. Fisher Price Rock and Play- Brody sleeps in this during the day and most nights. It is inclined slightly which can be useful if your baby has reflux. It does not bounce or rock on its own but the slightest movement that he makes rocks the sleeper. You can manually rock it too.

2. Fisher Price Rainforest Gym- Brody loves tummy time and also loves to play on the mat on his back and watch the lights. The reggae version of twinkle twinkle is an added bonus too.

3. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets- these are amazing! Made of muslin they breath really well but also keep him warm. They are all over our house and used as both blankets and burp rags. Oh, they are super soft too!

4. Swaddleme- I swaddled Brody when we first brought him home but got annoyed with it because it seemed as soon as I would get him all wrapped up he'd poop. So I stopped using it. My friend was here this weekend and she noticed how much Brody twitched and moved his arms and she suggested I swaddle him. Sure enough last night I did and he slept from 8-1:30!!

5. Gerber Sleep and Play- these have zippers instead of buttons and are so much easier with a squirmy baby. I only had the Carter's sleepers and after a few nights of wrestling with BB i went to Target and got a few of these. I also feel as though he is warmer because there are no drafty holes. Just some advice: They run small so go up one size.

6. Wubbanub- Brody loves this pacifier. He struggles to hold it in for long periods of time but also loves to "hold" the stuffed animal. I ordered a back up to be prepared in case we lose this one.

7. Moby Wrap- this is intimidating at first but once you get he hang of it it's really pretty easy and a huge help. There are lots of different holds but Brody prefers the traditional upright position. You'll need to YouTube this one for help getting it on at first.

8. Pampers Swaddlers- these are so soft and I tease Aaron because I say they have a cheat sheet. When wet the yellow line turns blue. No guess work to figure out if he needs to be changed.

9. Burt's Bee Diaper Rash Cream- we gave tried Desitin and A&D but the Burt's Bee seems to provide him the most comfort. I like the way it smells too.

10. Bugaboo Frog Stroller- the past few days he doesn't seem to be the biggest fan unless on his belly. We have also been going right after feelings so it could be reflux related too. The bugaboo is like the Cadillac of strollers and I love it! He is either in the bassinet attachment or in his car seat which can clip in. I look forward to when he can sit in the toddler seat and see the world during our walks.

11. Gripe Water- Brody gets the hiccups a lot and a little of this and he gets relief. It also helps with gas.

12. Boppy Pillow- I use this when nursing but it also comes in handy to position Brody on when he is "relaxing." Right now he is on my lap and resting on the boppy.

This list will only get longer as he enters new stages and some of these things will disappear. Although most of these things may not be essential they have been most useful to Brody and us.

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