Jun 11, 2012

A Fabulous Weekend!

I could not think of a better way to spend my weekend then with this crew:

While Aaron and Brad (Shannon's husband) worked hard to put together BB's furniture Shannon, Heather, Nick, Hayden and I hung out.  It was such a nice relaxing weekend filled with lots of girl time and motherly advice from these two veterans.  Both have raised such well adjusted children and I really value everything they shared with me in the way of becoming a new mom.

While we relaxed the boys worked hard upstairs.  They were successful in putting together the dresser and bookshelf and Aaron now refers to himself as a "Suisse cabinet maker" because the furniture came from Ikea.  The dresser was not an easy task but in just under 3 hours they accomplished the large feat.  The crib on the other hand will have to wait another week before it is complete because half of the hardware was missing from the box.  I called customer service today and they will have the pieces to us by the end of week.  We are making progress!

I spent Sunday in the nursery unwrapping packages and washing all the items needing it.  I have a ways to go before I am organized in any way but my goal is to have it mostly completed before Aaron leaves for Trials in a week and a half.  No pictures yet, I'll post once the furniture is all together and a little more organization happens. Until then, stay tuned!

These two had a busy weekend as well and as I worked upstairs this is what was happening downstairs....

Two very exhausted pups!  They slept almost the entire day trying to recover from all their play time with Troy.

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