May 4, 2012

Bella's Home!

Aaron and I were so excited to be able to bring Bella home last night!  We missed her so much and so did Willis.  However, I don't think we really anticipated how awful her leg would look.  The lipoma that she had removed (as said in a previous post) was the size of a large potato and was wrapped around some tendons so it took some skill and work for the Vet to be able to remove it.  Her incision goes from just above her ankle and all the way up to her thigh.  It is so raw and red looking it's sort of frightening.  They told us to keep and eye on it and call if it looks red and inflamed but it already looked like that so hopefully we'll be able to tell if it looks worse. 

Other than short leash walks to go to the bathroom she is to remain calm until her suitures come out in 10 days!  This is just not a calm dog- she never has been and never will be.  She is your textbook definition of a Weimaraner.  Our only solution is to keep her sedated and in a crate at least until the wound starts to heal up a bit more.  It is red and slightly oozy which is not a great combination for carpets but more importanly she wants nothing more than to be in bed with us or on the sofa and she is not allowed to jump.

This could be a really long 10 days for us all but the good thing is that the lipoma is removed and that alone was already starting to impede her mobilty as it was so close to her joint.  I was able to snap this picture this morning of the jailbird.  Yes, she looks sad but honestly I think she is just high as a kite on sedatives.

Willis was of course super excited to see her but very sad when he could not play like they normally do.  It was very sweet last night when we first put her in there Willis laid on the floor right beside the crate.  Such a sweet pup!

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