Mar 13, 2012

Team BLUE!

I was really shocked to see boy parts yesterday!  It was a wonderful surprise as I had a hunch that Baby Bell was a girl from day one- not really sure why I felt this way but just always did.  Aaron was super elated and nearly jumped out of his seat at the sight of little boy bits.  Fun and exciting in deed!

Now let the shopping commence.  Aaron nixed many of my crib bedding choices and we have decided on the Max bedding set from Pottery Barn Kids:

I really love the Madras print but it is back ordered until late July.  And although I know the babe will not be sleeping in his crib right away I still would like the nursery complete.  Total nesting.  So we agreed on this one and I really love it too.  Classic and elegant and will go excellent with the alphabet wall I am obsessed with.  I posted it a few weeks back but in case you forgot here it is again:

And of course we can't forget about this guy that is absolutely being purchased:

I mean it's a 4 foot tall giraffe- what's not to love?  I really thought Aaron would give a firm no to this but he actually loved it!  Phew- my heart would have been broken and this would have somehow appeared in the Baby's room.

We have decided on dark furniture and we are going to do a convertible crib.  I am still looking at all options but I want something that will look nice once it's converted in to a full size bed.  The crib and crib mattress is a generous gift from my grandmother.

The shopping has begun and oh how fun it is!  We are pretty sure we have a name picked out for our little boy but will not announce on the blog for awhile.  I will give a hint in that we are sticking to the initials B.B. =)

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