Feb 22, 2012

Nursery Ideas

I am by no means good at decorating or designing spaces.  The furniture in our house is all simple and mostly all earth tones.  I don't really accessorize in my house (or with clothes for that matter) but I am super excited to put together a nursery for Baby Bell.  

Other than a stroller (which was a gift from my very generous sister and her hubby) we have yet to purchase anything for the baby.  I have been looking on-line to get ideas for the nursery but we are still in the "to move or not to move" debate.  Right now we are leaning more toward staying in our current location because it's easier and conveniently located, but I wouldn't say we are 100% on this decision.  So with that, I am trying to be practical and not doing anything that would be too drastic in a rental.

We plan to buy furniture that will grow with baby- a convertible crib and practical furniture that will not look like nursery furniture (other than the crib of course.)  When we would have baby #2 we would just design a room for them and buy new furniture.  I know it may seem unpractical to some but it just makes sense to us.  However, without knowing if Baby Bell is a boy or girl,  I have refrained from picking out anything specific.  Again, since this will be their room and their furniture at least through childhood, I would like to design it with a little boy or girl in mind.

Many of my nursery ideas have come from Pinterest (I know where else) and I have found two items that are an ABSOLUTE must:

 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this alphabet wall! Embedding language in to children's lives is so important so I so need this wall for them.  It can be purchased from Etsy.com already painted and it can also be personalized to match bedding.  However, I really like the current colors but find it a little "boyish."

Ok, I know this giraffe is enormous but I just love it!  I have no idea why it has spoken to me so, but I think to a young child this would be the coolest thing ever!  I don't really want a safari or jungle theme room, I just really want this giraffe.

Other things that I like:
I really like the look of this stripped area rug- it comes in other colors but thought it would add some dimension to the space.  OR...

This type of rug is the "safe" choice for me as it fits the earthy, natural tones and textures.

I have decided I don't want a glider.  I know people love them but I don't really like the look of them and I was hoping to find a piece of furniture that could be easily moved to our living room once it was done serving it's purpose in the nursery.  This one is not in the budget at $1,700 ( not even close) but I would like to find a leather chair.  Fabric is out of the question with Brady cat... he will destroy the arms in no time!

For bedding options I really don't want to choose or purchase any until we know the sex of the baby.  Again, I am choosing bedding for this baby and will probably not use it with another baby since we will convert the crib to a toddler bed and keep the bedding (that is the plan anyway.)  But I do have that darn letter wall in mind....

This bedding could be unisex, but it still reminds me more of a "boy."  

I love madras patterns and love this bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.  The stuff is just really well made and really good quality; and of course would match the letters really well.  I think our giraffe friend would fit in well too, don't you think?

I like the simplicity of this bedding for a girl (also from Pottery barn Kids.)  Gray is turning in to one of my favorite colors! If we were to choose something like this the letter wall could be customized and painted to compliment.  However, I don't want it too "girly."

So for now I search, and identify things that I like and things that I love and things that I must have.  On or after March 12th I get to shop and actually purchase things!  I am so looking forward to some retail therapy... even if I won't actually buy anything for myself =)

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