Feb 20, 2012

Winter In VA

We were greeted with winter yesterday and welcomed 7+ inches of snow to Southwestern Virginia.  Although a winter filled with temps in the 40s and 50s has been amazing it was nice to spend the day locked inside and watching the snow fall yesterday.  I do not miss the constant snow that the Arctic typically receives in the winter, but some snow really makes it feel like winter.

Due to the snow and lack of snow removal equipment in this area, I was on a 3 hour delay for work and spent the morning with Aaron and the pups.  Since they love snow and had not seen any this year until yesterday, we took them to do what they love most, fetch in the snow!  We have a great open field across from our house and the pups had a blast!

 Aaron searching for the ball that was swallowed by the snow... Bella eventually found it =)

 Bella could literally fetch all day long!

 Chasing each other =)

 Willis running to Aaron for a hug

Bella loves fetch, but has a hard time giving the ball back so you can throw it.  She likes to just carry it around in her mouth and tease everyone.

 The snow was so pretty on the trees and bushes.

A view of our street

The snow will be short lived here.  It supposed to be about 48 degrees today and the sun is shining down which I am sure will melt all the snow away by tomorrow.  By Thursday they are calling for 65 degrees!  

This picture is not from today, but I just love it and thought that I would share.  Happy Monday, everyone!

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