Jan 30, 2012

Visitors and a Trip to Charlotte

On Friday my college and friend Jill and her (very handsome) 3 month old baby, Owen came to Blacksburg for a visit before we all headed to Charlotte to celebrate our other friend, Heather's son's second birthday and to 'sprinkle' her new bundle which is arrive in early March.  Phew!  Did you catch all of that?

First up, some quality time with Jill and Owen.  It was fun to walk on the Huckleberry Trail with Jill, Owen, Willis and Bella.  The weather was beautiful and just made for a really nice afternoon.  Jill also got a taste of some of Blacksburg's flare on Friday night at one of the local brewery's Bull and Bones.

So how did Bella and Willis do with Mr. Owen?  Great!  They love children but have not been around many small babies.  They were very interested in sniffing all of Owen's things and also giving him gentle kisses on the face and hands.  Owen only has cats at home so this was probably a little less enjoyable for him than it was for Willis and Bella.  Bella was definitely a little jealous when I was holding Owen... she laid right at my feet or sat really close by.  Willis was a little less concerned and mostly just curious with all the smells.

I think Willis and Owen are fast friends, what do you think?

On Saturday, Jill, Owen and I packed up and headed 2.5 hours south to Charlotte to visit with Heather and her family and to celebrate her son Liam's second birthday as well as 'sprinkle' Baby Fisher who is due in March.  Liam had an absolute blast at his party with all his friends.  Owen too enjoyed his first birthday party.

Sunday was the 'sprinkle' that Jill and I hosted for Heather.  It was an intimate affair with some of Heather's closest lady friends from Charlotte.  They shared stories about their children and gave her some helpful hints about welcoming baby number two.  Since it is Heather's second baby and she has everything she needs, we asked people to bring diapers.  I think little Hayden will be covered and have a dry and clean bottom =)

Back to the grind today.. but not for long.  I am headed out west on Wednesday to Phoenix for a conference and to visit my other dear college friend Kristen and her husband, Jani and to meet these beauties:

Life is good!  Happy Monday everyone!

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