Jan 31, 2012

First Baby Purchase

While in Charlotte this weekend I purchased our first baby item:  a stroller!  I actually got it off of Craigslist and it is very gently used.  It was purchased in September and used only 3 times.  The family decided that a double stroller was a better fit for them; so their loss was my gain.

The stroller is a Bugaboo which according to mom's and every baby blog is the Mecca of all strollers.  It can pretty much ride on any terrain and has it's own suspension system to make the ride for baby nice and smooth.  I know sound ridiculous, right?  I went back and forth and tried to justify the cost and also whether we would actually need it to do half of what it really does.  My sister has one; she got it as a gift when she had my oldest niece and she swears by it.  It has held up well for 5 years and is still going strong after 3 children.

So here it is, the first of many purchases =)

The one we purchased is the same as this but only has black fabric.  However, you can purchased new fabric in about 10 colors, but I like the black and will probably stick with it.  I think this will probably be our last baby item we buy until we learn the gender in late February/Early March.  

Also, I have posted a poll on the right so you can vote.  Do you think Baby Bell is a boy or girl?

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