Nov 17, 2010


Hello all! I realize it has been four weeks since my last blog post- yikes! There really is not a good reason for this other than the time crunch. I also find myself using the actual computer much less since I got an iPhone. I know excuses, excuses. Here are some updates on what has happened over the past month. They consist of great joys and also sadness.

  • On October 1st Aaron and I welcomed our 4th niece Parker Grace to the family. She is healthy and thriving. Big sister Paige is adjusting as well and all are doing great!
  • My grandfather passed away at the end of October. It was a rough time for all and he is greatly missed.
  • On swimming news, Aaron's men's team remains undefeated on the season- they beat Pitt for a HUGE win. This was very exciting! The women too are doing great. The season is in full swing and all things are going awesome for Aaron
  • Football- oh, football. This has been a rough season for the Bulls. I continue to counsel and assist the guys through the tough times. Most importantly I continue to emphasize the importance of earning a degree. My days have been long and stressful...
  • Willis has been ROTTEN! I will create a separate blog for this post- definitely deserves it's own post.

I know not very exciting- I will do my best to get this blog rolling again!

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