Nov 23, 2010

Rotten Dog

It my previous post I made mention of Willis' bad behavior.  There have been a series of events that have coined him (officially) the world's most rotten dog.  It all started a few weeks after we welcomed Bella into our home.  We expected there to be an adjustment period for both Bella and Willis but what we didn't anticipate is that it would be delayed by a few months.

It started with Willis moving the area rug at the bottom of the stairs to all over the downstairs.  He wasn't destructive he just kept moving it.  I just didn't really acknowledge it and just moved it back to where it should go.  He always looked at me like, "why bother moving it.  As soon as you leave I am going to put it right back."

Then, he had a phase where he would take the pillows off our bed and one by one move them downstairs.  Again, he wasn't destructive- just being strange.  Who knows, maybe he had aspirations of being an interior decorator?

Next, he ate an entire blue pen to bits.  I mentioned this particular event in the blog back in October.  He ruined the area rug in the dining room and had ink on his paws and muzzle for weeks there after.

The follow event was the icing on the cake for me-  I woke up to find the guest bed saturated in urine!!  I know very gross.  It was all over the bedding and pillows.   I have no idea the motive behind this one.  My co-worker thinks it was his way of saying F-you for bring another dog in to my house!

The most recent was when he dug a large hole through our wool area run in the family room.  I came home to find carpet fuzz all over- I put a piece of packaging tape over the hole to prevent him from digging any further.  So far it has helped polong the life of the rug.

It has  been exhausting and we of course feel bad that he is jealous about the situation.  However, at the same time we are exhausted and annoyed that he keeps acting out.  We are praying that we have seen the end of the terrible twos...

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