Oct 10, 2010

All Things Fall

Fall has arrived and the weather and surroundings in the Arctic have been beautiful. Temps in the mid to upper 60's and trees of booming colors all around. I love this time of year- its perfect for just about anything and the foliage is just amazing!
We took a drive today down to Ellicottville, NY to the Fall Festival. This is a place that has always been special to Aaron. As a kid he used to go there with his family and it holds a special place in his heart. We went the first year we moved here but this is the first time we have made it back there since. Ellicottville is a sleepy ski town and hosts some really great little shops and one of our favorite breweries, Ellicottville Brewing Company. If you like fruity beers you should try their blueberry beer- AMAZING!

The Fall Festival is a street fair of sorts. Lots of tents and of course amazing fair food. We brought the pups and they were wonderful (as always.) I think I am bias but we really have the best dogs on the planet. Everyone wants to pet them and know about them. Bella does great in public spaces, but she is a vulture for food so she was dragging me down the street a bit. Willis is just the gentle giant and walks at Aaron's hip and hopes everyone who passes by will give him a look or a pet- such a ham!

The pups get to cruise in style now. So much more room than the go-cart had to offer. Not such a great picture, but you get the idea...

The drive was beautiful. It's only an hour drive but it's amazing how the landscape changes and you feel like you are in a whole different world. Buffalo is soooo flat and and hour south is rolling hills and ski slopes.

Long day for the pups. Sleepy from all the fun. Bella was sleeping as well until Aaron took the camera out.

Side note: My camera is broken so we have been using our iPhone to document all things Willis and Bella. There is no flash and that is the reason for the dark photos. Our apologies- a new camera will be on my wish list to the hubby for the holiday season. =) Happy October All!

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