Oct 7, 2010

Craving Attention

Willis has been displaying some strange behavior recently. My diagnosis: he is craving attention. I am no dog whisperer but that is the only logical reason I can come up with for his crazy tactics.

The past few weeks Willis has been taking the area rug from the landing of the stairs and moving it around the downstairs. Sometimes it is in the living room and other times it ends up in the dining room. Then last weekend, Willis took the pillows off our bed and brought them downstairs. He wasn't destructive with them but he has taken it upon himself to redecorate. All of these behaviors are new- Willis never really had any interest in chewing things.

Today we returned home from a visiting my grandfather in Boston and came home to find a pen had been chewed to bits. Not only was it in a million pieces, there was ink all over the carpet! As much as I wanted to blame Bella- and only because Willis has never chewed anything, I knew it had to be Willis. I inspected him but couldn't find any evidence of blue ink so I just let it go. Perhaps it was a duel effort? About an hour later as I was putting away laundry and Willis was lounging on the bed and there it was- BLUE INK all over his paws and some on his muzzle. Busted! He is such a jerk!

I think some quality bonding time is in Willis' near future. Aaron and I have been so busy and I think we have fogotten how wonderfully rotten and needy Sir Willis truly is. Although I am annoyed about the carpet, my feelings for the sweet pup are as stong as ever.

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