Aug 26, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Willis has never been interested in toys. When he was a pup we bought him the indestructible toys such as Kong brand items and he never touched them. Until of course another dog came in to his space and then he was always more than interested in these toys. So naturally now that Bella is in the picture, Willis is all of a sudden very interested in plastic chew toys that he never once even liked.

In hopes to resolve the issue I bought an identical toy for each of them- one of those nylabones so they could each have the same toy and they would be equally content. WRONG! I gave them each one and for less than three minutes they chewed on their own contently. Then, Bella dropped hers and approached Willis as if she was saying, "let me have it." Willis held on to it tight and she grabbed the end that was sticking out of his mouth and they entered in to a game of tug of war. Willis let go and Bella ended up with the bone. She then went to where she dropped the one she originally had, picked it up and kept both bones! Willis was pissed (so was I). However, Willis is so complacent and wouldn't "say"anything so I grabbed one from her, reminded her to share, and gave it to Willis. He said thank you with his eyes, and went back to chewing. Bella dropped her bone, and hovered over Willis wanting the one that he had. Why the hell did I but two bones if they are both going to fight over the one the other dog is using?

This has been the way that play goes in our house. Pure sibling jealousy about what the other one has. Never content with the same toy because they want the one the other one is using. Is this what it is like to have kids? If so, we might just stick to the furbabies. I guess with kids you could maybe reason, but not so much with these two.

Pure Rotteness. Absoulte Chasos. Totally in love.

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