Sep 8, 2010


Terrible.Horrible.No Good.Very Bad.Blogger. My apologies go out to my readers, (I know all 15 of you or so) on my lack of updates on the blog. The true reasons have something to do with the words: work, football, freshmen, students- not in that order of course. We (Aaron and I) are back to school and the first week was a blur. Scheduling nightmares, lost and confused freshmen and of course everything else thrown in there. Aaron and I are working long hours and mostly seeing each other as we cross paths at work (yes we work in the same building) or while one is leaving and the other is going. It is crazy at first but will settle down in a few weeks.

Some exciting things that have been going on:

  • I returned home for my Aunt's wedding at the end of August and had a wonderful time with my sister and hubby and also family. I also had a chance to hit Cape Cod and spend Kristin's 28th birthday with her and some of our other closest and dearest friends. It was a quick trip (arrival Sat and out Monday am.) but it was jam packed and wonderful.

  • My college roomie turned 29 on the 3rd of September and she and her hubby, Brad came up for the weekend. We did a lot of Wii playing, lounging, wing eating and beer and wine drinking. AMAZING weekend!

  • Aaron turned 30 on Monday. Holy cow, 30! I made him one of his favorite things, carrot cake and used one of his mom's recipes. I know I will never be half the baker she was, but I'll admit the cake was pretty damn good.

Those are some brief updates. I of course have photos that correlate to all of these items and I will post as soon as I get a chance. The last update is that Bella had her first well visit at our vet. She is healthy and apparently very happy and well fed. On July 16 she weighed 47 pounds and this morning she weighed in at a whopping 54 pounds! The vet didn't seem concerned but just stated that she must be happy in her new home. I would agree, she is very happy and extremly spoiled.

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  1. I am still waiting for that cake recipe :) Miss you courter!