Jul 21, 2010

Trip to PA and Car Troubles

We hit the road again this past weekend after a few weekends at home. We headed south to PA, Greensburg , PA that is to visit my in-laws and visit Aaron's Grandma. It was a wonderful trip and we were spoiled with amazing food and great company.

We were also able to spend Saturday with my college roomie, Shannon and her hubby, Brad. We spent the afternoon by the pool and caught up on each others' happenings. It is always a treat to see the two of them. On a side note (very important side note,) Shannon is also a HUGE dog lover. So naturally she was ecstatic to see Willis. They had some great bonding time too!

On the way home the A/C in the Go-Cart decided to malfunction, or just plain old not work. Although I enjoy the windows down on a summer's day, going 70 on the interstate is a bit much. However, I would have been fine and dandy with the windows down if there had not been an accident on the highway which caused us to remain at a full stop for nearly an hour. Can we say miserable? Aaron and I were extremely hot but poor Willis was lethargic and lifeless. He just sat in the back and drooled all over himself. It was pathetic and it was the LONGEST trip home EVER.

After all this I think it is clear that the Go-Cart must go and I am due for a new car. I know Willis definitely deserves one!

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