Jul 27, 2010

Hard Decisions

Ok let me just start with this:

5 year old beauty named Bella needs a new home. She's crate trained and house broken. Up to date on shots and has a good bill of health....

This is what I read on craigslist today. Of course she is a Weimaraner and had all the papers. We took Willis out to meet her this evening. They ran through the acres of land together and had a blast. The couple just rescued her four days ago but they have a one year old weim who I guess is very territorial. It's not going to work out for them.

We left and told them we need till tomorrow to decide. Can we handle two dogs? She is so petite and very sweet. And she LOVES the water. Willis hates it.. We are a swimming family and and a dog that loves the water is sort of desired and fitting. Don't you think?

What do we do???? People with multiple dogs please advise. I am in love with her already but is it a good fit for our life?

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