Jul 29, 2010

Please Allow Me To Introduce....

I will start by saying my house is quiet, peaceful and I have two pups sleeping on either side of me on the couch. Yes, two pups! I know we are crazy right? We work 50+ hours a week, (each-on a good week) and we already have one perfect pup and a wonderful kitty so why would we ever want to enter another animal into what already (sometimes) feels like a circus?

I have become a sick and twisted advocate for dogs and love my dog more than my husband sometimes,(sorry Aaron)which is why we now have two dogs. As I wrote about a few days ago I was on Craigslist and someone had posted that a 5 year old Weimaraner was in need of a good home. We are a good home right?

After we took Willis to meet Bella and saw that they played perfectly together I could not stop thinking about her. She was sweet, gentle, petite- sort of just like an extremely smaller, yet almost better version of Willis. I don't think anyone could be truly better than Willis, but she is just more mature at five.

Her first night home was great- a smooth transition as she came right in, ate her dinner and then appropriately make herself right at home on the couch. Willis checked her out a bit and then found himself a home on the floor right by her. Such a great "little" brother.

Here are a few pictures that tell you more about Bella's first night in the Bell house.

I think she is going to make a perfect new addition to our lives. Now it is on to tackle a few challenging tasks:

1. Walking two dogs- today was interesting but it will get better (I hope).

2. Feeding two dogs. Willis is a grazer so he usually eats all day. I don't know about Bella yet but I know Willis will eat all of her food if she walks away. Any tips from you have about feeding two dogs that are grazers would be very helpful.

3. The sleeping situation. Let me paint a picture for you about last night. Bella in the middle, Willis at the foot to the right, and Brady at the foot of the bed in the middle. Oh yeah, and Aaron and I were squeezed in there somewhere too. Total Zoo, right?

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