Aug 1, 2010

Fast Friends

Bella is so fast! We have learned that one of her favorite games is fetch. The only toy that came with her was this half chewed plastic snowman. We took it outside to test her skills. Watch out Willis, she is very quick!

This is the only time Willis got the ball and I think Aaron tricked Bella so Willis could have a turn. I lectured him (Aaron) about playing favorites and not teaching Willis that he will need to share with his sister. **** I love how he is so on guard and in attack mode.

Everything with Bella is going great. As if we and everyone else didn't already now, she has found her forever home. Other than the fact that she is a HUGE bed hog, she is essentially perfect. I would change nothing about her. Walking two dogs may prove challenging, but Bella is great off a leash so we might substitute long walks with fetch (especially when Aaron is gone.) Feeding is also getting easier. Willis is a grazer but Bella doesn't seem to be so as long as I keep Willis out of her bowl everyone will get what they need. We have started the process of switching Bella's food so she and Willis eat the same kind. Luckily she was already eating a grain and wheat free food so the transition will most likely be easy.

Life with two dogs is going to be an adventure, but we are certainly in for the ride. Welcome to your forever home, Bella Bell!

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