Jul 11, 2010

1st Anniversary

Well, we made it. We survived our first year without any bumps or bruises. To be honest, it was really a piece of cake. For our Anniversary I stuck to the traditional first year gift of paper and I surprised Aaron with Red Sox vs. Blue Jays tickets in Toronto. Since our official Anniversary was on a Saturday and that was also the day of the game, I had to convince Aaron that we should go to dinner on Friday night instead of Saturday. He didn't argue or questions my antics he just went along with it. We exchanged our gifts- Aaron loved his tickets and I got an IPhone!! Aaron didn't stick to the paper gift, he went with the modern gift of a clock. I'll take it!

We made reservations at Tempo in downtown Buffalo and it was so AMAZING! The day after our wedding last year, we went to Tempo with some of Aaron's family and had the best meal we have every had. As soon as we left we said we would go back for our 1st Anniversary. Tempo did not disappoint. We shared a bottle of wine, both had lobster bisque for a starter, gulf shrimp risotto, and for a main course I had gorgonzola encrusted fillet and Aaron had an asiago stuffed veal chop. They had to roll us out of there we were so stuffed! We didn't even have room for dessert.

Two glasses of Champagne, compliments of Tempo.

Rogers Center, Toronto
We had awesome seats. 10 rows above the Red Sox dugout. In Toronto, the away team is on the first base line.

Yesterday was awesome! It was a busy day and we didn't get a chance to have a piece of our wedding cake just yet. The place that made our cake gave us a replica for our 1st Anniversary- Chocolate Overdose, yum!! We will have a piece of that tonight and wash it down with the bottle of wine that given to us to be enjoyed on our 1st Anniversary. Such a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Sounds like such a fun anniversary weekend! Congrats! 1 year down, many more to come :)