Jun 23, 2010

Working 9-5

Willis is working 9-5 that is. I mentioned that Willis is no longer crated during the day and he gets to roam free. As far as we can tell he doesn't move very far from his carpet at the bottom of the stairs. We know this because when we get home it is very warm! Over the past few weeks we have been so pleased with how easy Willis is getting. It seems like it happened overnight, but he really is so easy now.

Yesterday, as I ate my sandwich on my lunch break, Willis was no where to be found. Typically when we are eating he can be found watching (and hoping) he may get a crumb or taste of whatever we are having. But we was not begging, he was (again) lying on his carpet at the bottom of the stairs. Other than a quick trip outside when I first came home, Willis was literally passed out for the 45 minutes I was home. We have noticed this behavior in the evenings too. As soon as we get home he is sound asleep on his carpet.

Aaron and I laughed uncontrollably last night when we hypothesised why Willis has been so tired when we get home. We believe that although he may be resting, he is "sleeping with one eye open" as to guard the house, or perhaps wonder when we will get home. When I was home on lunch, Willis too took a lunch break. And when we are home in the evening, its as if he is "clocking out." He realizes that when we are home he no longer has to be on guard. We then chuckled when we realized, no one is going to break in to our house when they get a glance at the 100 pound (not so ferocious) pup inside. Although he is HUGE dog, he is not very mean. But hey, if I didn't like dogs I would probably go running too.

Willis on a break =)

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