Jun 22, 2010

Four-Legged Friends

Before there was Willis there was my first child, (Tom) Brady. I realize I don't post much (anything) about Brady, but in all honesty Brady is well behaved and not that exciting. When he was a kitten he was mischievous and rotten, but at 5 (35 in cat years) he is pretty docile.

People always ask how Willis and Brady get alone and usually they don't pay much attention to each other. Brady is still his social old self and Willis could care less about chasing him. So, they (we) live in harmony and everyone gets along. Every now and then they get close enough to rub noses, but it is a rare occasion.

The weather has been hot and we are without air conditioning, but have several window fans. On any given summer afternoon, this is how you might find the two brothers...

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