Feb 23, 2010

Merry Christmas (In February)

Gifts used to be so exciting and I used to make a long list of all the things that I desired. However, over the past few years when I am asked what I would like for a birthday or Christmas, I find it hard to come up with things. Part of it because we are DINKS (dual income, no kids) and part of it because I value the dollar and know how much things cost. Yes, I am cheap. Not over conscious with spending money, but have a hard time purchasing expensive things.

For Aaron's birthday, I bought him a Flip camera. So sure he would love it to take videos of his athletes, but he wasn't that impressed. So we returned it and no birthday gift for him. He claimed to not need anything. For my birthday, I got spinning shoes. I was thrilled about this as I had been wanting them and wished to not be the ONLY person in my class without them. They were the wrong size so we sent them back and I have yet to re-order a pair. It's the, "do I really need to spend $120 dollars on spin shoes." I really do want them and will get them. Maybe next birthday...

Then, for Christmas, we decided we would retire the 15" tube TV/VCR combo from 2000 and get a nice flat screen TV for our bedroom. We don't watch a ton of TV in there, just before we go to bed. But, how nice would it be to be able to read the guide? We searched the ad's for the best deal and decided we would get it when we got back from Massachusetts for the holiday. Well, as many of you read, Willis had an accident involving a wine glass and his paw and that put a damper on our plan. His vet bill was $400 dollars and we decided we would hold off on the TV.

Finally, last weekend (maybe it was the spirit of the Olympics) we went to Target and brought home a new 32" LCD flat screen TV. What a huge difference! Even Willis is excited! When we go to work, we leave the TV on for him. He likes HGTV or the Fuel channel. Aaron says he likes to watch surfing. Sure, whatever....

So Merry Christmas to us. And, may I mention, that we went to bed at 8:00 pm last night. Well, not to bed, but to watch TV in bed. Man, the Bachelor is so much better in 32".

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