Feb 25, 2010

A Note From Willis

Dear Mom and Dad-

I know you think that I look cute, and that I might be cold, but seriously I am fine. I do not need a sweater and I do not need clothes. I know mom, you have a shopping problem and I am your Furbaby so you love to accessorize me, but I don't need it. If you must dress up an animal Brady says he wouldn't mind. Or, get me a sister and I bet she would love all the bells and whistles that Petsmart or Old Navy could offer.

I don't have words, but I have tried to tell you many times in the best way that I could, that I do not need a sweater. So why you put a sweater on me last night before bed was beyond me. And, even more confusing was why you were so surprised when you found me naked in bed this morning. I was too hot, and it was so tight around my neck. Have you ever felt that way? I needed out!

Mom and Dad, please no more sweaters. But, I would love more of those maple bones or apple treats. They are delicious.


Your sweetest Willis

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