Feb 14, 2010

Love The One You're With

Happy Valentine's Day! We had a fabulous day here at the Bell Household. Our tradition has been to enjoy a breakfast/brunch on the holiday. The first year we dated we were living in Ohio and were disappointed by the crowds and the price tag associated with the holiday, so we decided to skip the dinner madness, and have breakfast. We have continued the tradition and every year we really look forward to it.

The rest of the day consisted of typical Sunday happenings- grocery, Target, laundry, etc. However, we did make one little pit stop to get Willis a little something. I know, it is ridiculous because he does not deserve it. But, we caved and this is what he got for the Hallmark holiday....

Yes, you see right- a new sweater. Maybe I should put a poll on the blog to see how many days it takes for Wills to eat his new sweater/

Aaron and Willis watching the winter Olympics

And (Tom) Brady relaxing. Do you see his nails?? They are blue =)

We hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day and all the love they shared with the people most special in their lives. I know we have! But, with a guy like this....

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Everyday is full of love!

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