Nov 29, 2009

Holy $&@# it's Christmas!

Can you believe it is already that time of year? I mean wasn't it just Memorial Day and I was singing (screeming) to Journey at my Bachelorette Party? Wasn't I just exchanging my vows with Aaron and then honeymooning in Greece? How did we get to December already? I feel like the past six months have been the fastest (and most wonderful) months of my life.

But, since it is almost December (and we love Christmas), we spent some time getting the house ready for the holiday season.

Do you like my new sweater?


  1. Oh Willis! Mommy claims your sweater is just "rolled up" but I think you're just too big for it!! Btw, where is your stocking Willis? I would speak up if I were you :)

  2. ummm this just made my day!! I am enjoying the pics of Willis and his tight sweater while listening to a classic journey song!! Love it!