Dec 1, 2009

Almost killed the mail man. Well, not literally...

Our mail is delivered on foot. So, no drive up to the mailbox and leave the mail. I grew up with this and when we moved to Amherst I thought it was so cool that the postman delievered mail on foot. Well, since we don't have a traditional mailbox, (you know with a flag that you put up when you have mail) we have some problems getting mail out. This had resulted in two late payments on credit cards (I do always push the deadlines a bit.) But, what happens is you put the mail in the box (which is up by our front door) and the mailman should look and take it, right? Well, it is not always that easy. If it is not sticking out, he fails to walk up the (two) stairs and grab stuff out. He just puts stuff in. And, if there is no mail for us that day, he doenst even look in the box. So, I usually have it sticking out. However, if it rains or snows (which happens everday from Dec-April) it gets wet.

Ok, so today in box I put a large stack of chrismas cards and a birthday card for my sister (who turns 30 on Sat!!!). I looked in the box... and.... HE SHOVED THE MAIL IN THE MAILBOX ON TOP OF THE 40+ CARDS!!!! WHAT?!?! I was irrate... fresh out of the shower, I ran after him (bathrobe and towel on head) and handed them to him. Did I mention we got snow today? Yes, so I am sorry Leann, you may have a wet birthday card and some of you may get wet Christmas Cards. But, I am glad I got the mail out today. Let's hope I don't need to chase after the mailman ever again....

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  1. I would of love to have seen you chasing him in your robe, you crack me up. I am so impressed with your Christmas cards being done on December 1st, you go girl! On the name game Jaxson is our front runner!