Nov 29, 2009

Holiday, Friends, and Football

We had an absolutely amazing weekend. It started with a drive to Greensburg, PA for a wonderful holiday with the Bell's. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving meal, as Shirley never disappoints and cooks a mean feast. It was so nice to relax and be surrounded by family. Willis too had fun with his Uncle Riley, the black lab. Riley is five, and of course Willis is still in the puppy stages so Willis needed to be reminded to settle and not annoy poor Riley.

On Friday, we loaded up and headed to Husdon, Ohio. The UB football team was playing Kent State in their last game of the season, so Aaron and I went out to support the boys. While we were at the game, Willis was able to hang out with the Kesicke clan. We were told he was on his best behavior =) He was such a good boy!

While in Hudson, we spent some time in the garage bar. How fun! Aaron and I may have a project this spring to try to (somewhat) rival the Kesiske's garage bar. Such a great idea! We were also spoiled with a delicious meal prepared by Mama and Papa K. So good!

Tony, Aaron and Carol lounging in the recliners.

Willis posing for a photo opp. with his Mom and Dad =)

Carol, Carlee, and Jason. Again, Willis being a Ham.

Though out the trip Willis was so great. He is usually a little rotten in the car, but his travel manner are much improving.

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  1. I'm so jealous!! I wish I could've hung out with you guys in Hudson. I'm so glad to hear that Willis is doing better in the car. That way you should have a smooth trip to Columbus when he comes to visit me!!!