Nov 15, 2009

Clean House

Aaron and I spent the day cleaning the house. I hate cleaning. I feel like it is such a thankless job. I mean, the house can't say, "Courtney thank you so much for cleaning me." However, I always feel better when I can unwind with a glass of red (Malbec preferably) and take in all the smells that a clean house leaves me with. So, I guess that is my reward. I clean house = a nice lemony sent. Does anyone else love the small of cleaning products?

Other fun happenings:

We have been searing for a TV stand for our tv in the family room. Well, I guess we always knew which one we wanted, but could never quiet afford (justify) buying it from the Pottery Barn. Aaron was searching on Cragslist and what do you know, the Rhys Media Console was there. Someone looking to re-home there barely one year old media stand. Ummmm.... ok! So, our TV has now found a home on the new media console and can say goodbye to sitting atop of our desk. I guess now all we have to do is actually move the desk upstairs and we can finally create some type of office.

Aaron is wrapping up the early signing period and as he would say, "they got some movers and shakers." I am proud of all his hard work. Way to go hubby!

Buffalo football will take on (the dreaded) Miami Redhawks on Wednesday in Oxford, Oh. We will be live on ESPN 2. I hear it is like Where's Waldo, but can you find Courtney on the sidelines?

Willis and I are obsessed with the Zac Brown Band. Well, Willis may not be obsessed but I am! They are a country band and I really enjoy their sound. Check 'em out!

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