Jul 30, 2014

Emotions Running Wild

I am not nervous about being a mom of two in just under 5 weeks but I am feeling all sorts of other things. The biggest being slightly sad that I only have a few more weeks of just me and Bman.  He is my baby-- how could that ever really change?

As I sat at the dinner table and chatted with him about his day at school with his friends I just started crying. The days of just me and B at the dinner table are nearing an end and I'm not sure how to cope with it.  I know he will never remember a life of just me and him at the table but I will and I am certainly going to miss it.

I know life will be exciting and a new adventure.  I know that these two little guys will be the best of friends and giving him a brother is the greatest gift we could have ever give B, but I will can't help but want more time with just he and I.  I want to freeze time- well maybe not because I am over being pregnant- but I want just a few more dinner dates where my attention is just on the first little love of my life.

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