May 26, 2014

Weekends Should...

Be laid back
Have lots of family time
Always be three days long
Include mid-day naps
Have walks with the dogs
Require and extra cup of coffee, just because there is time
Allow for pancakes twice
Have two trips to the park

I wish all weekends could look exactly like this weekend did for us.  Normally I feel the rush to get errands done and run around all day Saturday only to cram lots of R&R on Sunday.  Having that extra day really helped ease the rush and really helped us to spend lots of time together at the park, in the back yard, lounging gin PJ's until 10am....  It was fabulous.

Over the past year I have really tired hard to find balance with being a working mom, manage the house and  just be a mom in general.  While  it's gotten better and somewhat easier, it always results in the weekend rush.  My solution to some of this is using more Amazon prime for things I would otherwise need a Target trip for (paper towels, toilet paper, detergent, etc.).   The UPS truck is literally here like 3 times a week.

I think another solution to easing the chaos would be to always have three day weekends.  But then again, if you give a mouse a cookie she'll just want milk to go with it- if you know that book you get it but if not what it basically means is that if I always had a three day weekend I would eventually probably just want a 4 day weekend.  Anyone else agree?

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