Apr 15, 2014

In A Whole Lotta Llama Drama

Brody is obsessed,  I mean obsessed with the Llama Mama books.  I have shared about his love before but it has honestly reached a place of where I want to hide all of the books.  He has five and only two are currently out because five back to back books dealing with this Llama was far too much for this mama.

This weekend when when had visitors it was like a vacation for me because they got to read him this book 3,000,000 times and I got to escape far away and not have to listen.  I know, I should be happy that he loves books as much as he does, and I am.  He could be obsesses with Barney or the very annoying Cailou but he is not, just the Llama and his very sweet mama.

On the positive, he is as cute as a button and when the reading is done I am left with that sweet image and sound of my growing boy asking for, "more amma mama."'

Uncle Bryan taking a turn and give this Mama a much needed break :)

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