Mar 28, 2014

Where My Girls At?

Calling all mamas or mamas to be.  I officially need you to help hold me accountable.  I did not workout (well other than walking the dogs) throughout my pregnancy with B, and I am determined to keep up the exercise with this one.  Why?  Because I feel better when I do, because it sets a positive example for my son, and because I deserve 25 minutes of time to myself.  And yes, I do enjoy these 25 sweaty minutes whole heatedly.

So mamas unite and let's so this together.  We all struggle with time, balance, life, kids, etc. but that cannot be the reason for us to not have this time to do what makes us feel awesome.  It changed my life in July and I know that it will reinvent me again this spring.  My progress photos will look a little different than they did the first time around but it's all good.  This program speaks to my soul and I can't wait for others to experience it with me.

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