Mar 26, 2014

My Leading Man

I have been a terrible blogger and I am getting back to it.  I promise.

To kick off this new momentum I am going to write about my favorite little man, B of course.  I cannot even handle that he is 20 months old already. Seriously, where does the time go?

He continues to amaze me more and more everyday with his new words and actions.  He is kind and gentle and so warm-hearted.  He really was the child that I prayed about because he really is so easy.  He goes with the flow, handles my chaos and just adores us and his dogs, of course. Well, he and Bella sort of have a love- hate thing going on right now, but she is a pain so I don't blame him.

Currently his favorite activities include:

Books.  This kid loves to read books. He would sit and listen to me read to him for twenty minutes, sometimes longer.  I make it a point to rotate his books every week, sometimes every other, so he continues to find excitement in all the books he owns.  Without a doubt the Llama, Llama books are his absolute favorite, especially Llama, Llama Home With Mama.  I have this one memorized.  And I will admit at one point I hid it because I wanted to read something else, but he found it, up high on a shelf and was asking for "amma."  Other favorite titles include: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Are You My Mother?, Little Blue Truck, Book of Machines, and any of the Sondra Boynton books.

Train table:  He got this for Christmas from my parents and it was sort of out of his common play space so I moved it and he is obsessed!  I put together a very basic track and included the bridge.  He loves to push the trains and cars up and down.  He has taken apart the track I made and just left the bridge.  Regardless he is happy and now using the table for more than just climbing on.

Balls:  This kid loves to throw, bounce, sit on, dunk, or carry around any kind of ball.  I have to avoid those aisles in Target or any other store because it turns in to a fit which I am not giving in to.  Well, I lie.  I have given in to it multiple times.  Sometimes you just need some quiet while you browse the clearance aisles and women's fashions :)

Bubbles:  Here is a daily conversation in our house:

Me: Brody, let's go see your friends at school
B: Blow bubbles!
Me:  Time to go upstairs for tub
B:  Bubbles!

This is what he does when I ask him to show me his "fish face"

He knows where they are in the house and even in which cabinets I have stashed the supplies in.  It's like he has a bubble radar.  Surely my kid cannot be the only one obsessed with bubbles, right?

Shape sorters: B has several different types of shape sorters and I keep rotating them through so he doesn't get too bored and every time switch it up he is lost with that toy for a good period of time.  He has been knows to sort shapes for an entire 30 minute workouts session that I am doing.  They are one of my go-to toys when it's time for a date with Shaun T or Tony.

I am so ready for some outdoor play time with this guys so we can move the excitement and adventures to nature.  Bug hunts, water table fun, bike riding.  C'mon mother nature, time to cooperate with me on this one.

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  1. Reading rocks. So does playing with Bubbles :p