Dec 12, 2013

Personal Milestone

While this blog is usually a place where I document Brody's milestones I wanted to share one of my own personal milestones.  As of today I am officially a Diamond Beachbody coach!  What a rewarding advancement- ultimately it means that I am helping others!

Even though my own health and wellness goals are front and center, I am working alongside about 100 others to help them reach their goals too.  Listening, supporting, and guiding challengers to do things that they didn't think were possible gets me so excited!  I just had a 10 day challenge group wrap up yesterday and two folks fit into their pre-pregnancy jeans.  Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows how amazing of a feeling this is!  It's not about the scale but it is about how you feel.  Even though you love your little bundle of joy, your post pregnancy body is usually something that you are less than excited about.  I know I was not happy.  Hidden in large clothes, all in black and and certainly not excited to bare any skin.  Again, not about the scale or the stretchmarks, but about how you feel in your skin.  Hearing these two women be one step closer to being comfortable in their own skin made me emotional.

Big day for me, but more so, a huge day for these two ladies.  Love, love, love this role of coach!

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  1. Wow, Courtney, that is so exciting! Congrats! You are definitely cut out for this role of coach. Keep up the amazing work!