Nov 25, 2013

Motivational Monday #3- Come Link Up!

Happy Monday, everyone!  Thanks for stopping by for another Motivational Monday with Shannon. Becky and I.  This week's post will be short and sweet.

Did you know that during the holiday season the average person gains 6-8 pounds?  That is almost a pound a week!  I challenge you to not be this person this year and derail all of your hard work. That doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the food and spirits with your family, but do so in moderation.  Enjoy the stuffing, the glass (or two) of wine and have a piece of pie, but just have one.  I'm cooking this year so I am in control of what is being served and I am preparing only one dessert so I won't be tempted to eat three pieces from three different pies.  I don't need it, and will be thankful I don't have the options.

I hope everyone has a great holiday with their friends and family!

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The Motivational Monday Link-Up is a way to share inspirational posts with other blogger friends.  Monday can sometimes be a day of the week that we dread, especially after a great weekend, so let's inspire and motivate each other every Monday!  So let's go, let's share those posts!

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  1. I am cooking too however my in laws are bring the pies and we are deep frying the turkey…I think I am screwed..haha. Good for you Courtney!