Sep 2, 2013

Reunited and It Feels So Good...

This summer has been busy for the Bell's and what better way welcome fall than with a reunion with some of the best friends a gal could ask for.   I am seriously one lucky lady.  Do you guys get sick of hearing me say this or what?  Well, just get used to it because they rock.

First stop, North Canton, Ohio to visit with an amazing family.  I cannot believe that it has been 4 years since I have seen them and boy have things changed.  Brian married Aaron and I and he and his amazing wife Emily now have three children.  Bennett, the youngest, is six weeks younger than Brody so it was fun to watch them play!  Brody also loved chasing the two older boys, Blake and Brayden.  Lot's of B's!

Last time I saw this guy on the left he was the ring barer at our wedding and was 2.5!

Saturday afternoon we were off to celebrate Carlee and Jason, and the upcoming arrival of Baby East.  Their last name is not East, it's Niec but after Kim and Kanye named their baby West, we found it amusing to call this baby East.  It may only be funny to my group of friends, but for now his name is East and in 9 weeks we'll find out his real name.  It's what friends do, you come up with strange jokes that no one understands.

You know what was even better?  While us ladies showered Carlee and Baby East, the dad's stayed outside and hosted daddy daycare.  I had four amazing hours with just my ladies.  Thank you boys!

Daddy Daycare

The future parents, Carlee and Jason

 Future Bobcat?  I think so...
 College Rommates
 The first time we have been close to complete as a group in 4 years.  Sadly missing Heather and her sweet family.
 Remember those roommate pictures from last week?  Here we are 13 years later.  Told ya we age well :)
 My beautiful friends with their beautiful babes.  We're missing three boys and Carlee's East will make four.  Current totals = 5 girls, 6 boys.  Shannon, are you going to try up the totals?
Wuttig family

All this time with friends really made Aaron and I miss where it all started, Ohio University.  We decided that a slight detour was necessary so we stopped in Athens and enjoyed lunch with some more great people.  I forgot my camera in the car, but I will just tell you it was perfect.  OU is such amazing place!

Welcome fall!  Bring on some football, pumpkin everything and sweaters (even though it was 87 degree today).
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  1. Holy moly! That is a serious cake. That thing is huge, haha! Thanks for hosting MM. :)