Sep 3, 2013

Life in Balance

They say it takes two weeks to create a routine and six weeks to form a habit.  We are eight weeks in to our cleaned up diet and six weeks deep in to T25, and I will confirm that I do feel we have created a habit.

What I never realized prior to all these lifestyle changes is how great you can feel if you eat the right things.  I chalked up being tired all the time to many things: working full time, taking care of my home, chasing my amazingly sweet babe,making time for Aaron and also making time for me.  I am sort of exhausted just reading that list, but what I will confirm is that since changing my diet I am not tired.  Not even the slightest bit.  I am no longer surviving on coffee but instead enjoying one (sometimes, but rarely) two cups of coffee, and getting my normal 7 hours of sleep per night.  I am less irritated, and overall a happier person.  For the first time in years, I feel that my life has balance.

Many people have asked me or messaged me about my results from T25 and they want to know how only 25 minutes per day has given me so much success.  The program delivers everything that it promises too, trust me I am proof; however, it needs to be in conjunction with a balanced and healthy diet.  The diet is really the foundation.  I am working out only 25 minutes per day, but the rest of the day I am making good food choices, drinking at least 64 ounces of water and it's these three things together which continue to get me closer to my health and fitness goals.

While the scale victories are always great, I am finding the 'non scale' victories to be even more rewarding; and to me the biggest non scale reward I could ever ask for is that I am more available to Brody.  I have such a limited time to spend with him during the week and I refuse to spend it tired, lethargic and cranky.  He deserves so much more from me and this is what he is going to receive.

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A Humble Bumble


  1. Good job on your road to healthy living! Isn't it crazy that in order to feel better, pretty much all we have to do is live healthier? I've recently decided to give up gluten and thus far, am not regretting it at all.
    Thanks for sharing this at the hop, and for sharing my button. :)