May 1, 2013

Prayers for Tripp

While refreshing the newsfeed on my Facebook the other night, I came across a status update from a mother regarding her two year old, Tripp Halstead.  In the update it was a mother describing her day and informing a huge group of followers that her son had a good night.  The number of likes and comments to this status paired with people sending prayers and well wishes, intrigured me to invesitate a little further.

For those of you who have not seen these updates or who may be unfamiliar with his story, prior to October 29, 2012 Tripp Halstead was a happy and healthy two year old.  An incredibly handsome little boy with an infectious smile and hair that just sticks straight up as if he has hair gel in.  On October 29th all of their lives changed.  While playing at his daycare, a large tree limb came crashing down and Tripp suffered a critcal brain injury; in fact, he was not projected to live.  After undergoing numerous surgeries (most of them to the brain) and suffering from several infections Tripp is considered stable. 

I am still getting caught up with all the updates and everyone breaks my heart a little more.  I cannot imagine my world without Brody as I know him.  This family is so strong, and they write candidly about his days, nights and their hopes and dreams for their little boy.  If you get a chance please like this page.  Although he already has an army of people sending daily prayers, I don't think any amount could be too much for this little boy.

Hug your kiddos, pets, and loved ones a little tighter tonight.  We never know what tomorrow can bring, and today I am counting my blessing.

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