Apr 28, 2013

Mother of the Year

Maybe I'll earn this title tomorrow but today, not so much. Lets recap our afternoon...

Normal weekend trip to Target where I allowed my child to suck on the binkie that not only fell on the floor (twice) but two additional times in the parking lot. I was without an extra and our trip was not timed too well. He was getting hungry and I just needed to grab a few things.

We had a great afternoon of playing. He is really on the move with crawling and exploring everything. It was a very busy afternoon and after a great FaceTime session with my parents I decided he needed a nap and I needed a shower. He took his typical 30 minute afternoon nap and woke up like a crab.

This latter half of the day is why I am not campaigning for Mother of the Year. He was fussing, I was holding him and he kept squirming. He threw his head back and, whack! He bonked his head pretty hard on the corner of the table. No blood, no bruise but a little bump. He screamed, I held him. He calmed down after a few minutes and I handed him off to Aaron so I could finish up dinner.

As I ran around trying to get dinner on the table, I multi tasked between getting the baby strapped into his chair and getting the plates set out for Aaron and I. Brody was drooling in his chair and I gave him some potatoes. Yes, the potatoes I had just taken out of the oven. Piping hot, I placed it on his tray. Get where I'm going?? He burned his hand. He picked up the potatoes and with a second or two delay, screamed! Aaron scooped him from his seat as I grabbed a washcloth to wipe off his hand. He of course continued to scream.

What an awful feeling. I have no idea why I didn't blow on the potatoes to cool them. I just plopped them on his tray.

His scream was piercing, but luckily the burn on his hand does not appear to be anything major. He continued on with his evening after that point- He even ate the potatoes once they cooled down and seemed to really enjoy them.

I need a do over for today. Hopefully tomorrow provides me with an opportunity to redeem myself....

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