Apr 1, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Oh what a weekend. It was filled with Brody's first army crawl, Brody's first Easter and a first cold for the little guy. Oh, and did I mentioned Aaron's travel plans were again delayed? My poor neglected toes and eyebrows. Maybe this weekend I will get the spa day I was so hoping for...
Anyway... Brody and I survived and with the help if an amazing dog walker the pups survived too! I'll let the photos do the talking and spare you from by narrative. We hope everyone had a great holiday with their friends and families!

Inching his way to the oball- thanks Aunt Natalie, Uncle Stephen and cousins Paige and Parker!

Look at this intense look- so ready to crawl!

These next few picture melt my heart. Willis and Bman are best buds....

The Easter bunny came to Blacksburg!

I think the pups were more excited to see what was in his basket this he was

Bunny pancakes on Pancake Sunday (simple pancake recipe- nothing fancy)

Straight for the ear...

We hosted Easter dinner at our house. Ham, honey glazed carrots, spinach salad, rice pilaf, homemade brioche made by Julia and Nial and cheesy potatoes made by Stacy and Chad. Oh, and homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Aaron walked in the door just as I was carving the ham- talk about perfect timing (even though this was at 6pm and he was due home at noon). Great food and even better company!

Brody enjoyed his Easter dinner too. He didn't even notice Aaron came home because he was so into his meal.

He's in pretty rough shape today. He was sent home from school and the doctor confirmed he has a bad cold. Luckily no pink eye or infection but the start of probably a rough few days. He was a crab tonight and I hate to see him so grumpy. They missed the chapter on how to care for hour sick kiddos in all the parenting books.
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