Apr 3, 2013

Lula Clips

So I have to share with you another product that I am obsessed with and one that has changed my life.  Last week I blogged about BB Cream and how it is my new obsession.  In case you missed that post you can go here to read about it.  Well today I want to tell you about Lula clips.  No, they are not for your face or even your hair, this amazing product is for my sanity and benefits both me and the babe.

Anyone else find the task of getting your baby in and out of the car a workout?  We switched Bman from his infant carrier to his big boy car seat a few weeks ago and since then I have been annoyed with the thought of getting him in and out of the car.  Twisted straps, baby sitting on crotch buckle, you name it I experienced it.  He usually squawked and squealed at me while I tried to get the straps out from behind his back and under his bottom; both of us unhappy with the process.  Not thinking that there was a solution to this problem, I just sucked it up.

Well... I have found the solution to my sanity: Lula clips.  These little orange hands are a slice of heaven. 

They are magnetic clips that fasten with a safety pin to your car seat and keep the harness out of your way preventing the chaos I described above.  How have I lived without this wonderful invention and more importantly, why could I not have thought of this??  Getting Brody in and out of the car has never been easier and everyone is happy. 

Because I tend to research everything and be very methodical in what I do, I asked a car seat tech if these were safe.  Even though getting him in and out of the car is a hassle I did not want to sacrifice his safety.  The car seat tech confirmed for me that these are safe and because they are very secure they would not become a projectile in the event of an accident. 

I bought mine off of Amazon for roughly $14 a set (I bought a set for each car).  You know how some baby products you buy and wonder why you wasted the money?  For me this is absolutely not the case- these are fab and get the stamp of approval from this busy mama.  For your shopping convenience I have posted the link to purchase on the right-- You're welcome :)

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