Mar 23, 2013

New Obsession

Since pregnancy my skin is just not the same. My once normal to dry skin now runs the spectrum from dry to oily and is never the same on any given day. I've also noticed that since being pregnant my skin is really uneven; I have red spots in places I never used to and it usually just looks really dull.
Make-up is not an area which I have a lot of knowledge about; my morning routine has always been short and the only make-up I would wear day to day was some bare minerals warmth, a little eye shadow (in some shade of brown) and mascara. And although I don't really desire to have a million steps to my morning make-up routine, I have discovered one product I just cannot live without: BB Cream.

BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm and it is my new obsession. It is like a miracle cream; combining several steps in just one easy application. It covers, conceals, moisturizers, primes, evens out and contains both anti-aging benefits and sunscreen. It's a one stop shop and right up this busy mama's alley! Without needing a million different products I am able to achieve that flawless looking skin that I had so many years ago... Oh to be young again!

I've tried two brands of BB Cream. The first one I used was the Maybelline and I really liked it. At a bargain price of $7.99 it worked great and left me feeling flawless. This BB cream comes in different shades and I used the medium light. It was not sticky and was easy to apply and a little went a long way. I used it daily and it lasted me roughly 8-10 weeks. Once I finished it I decided to splurge and try one I had read about online: Dr. Jart. I believe this was the first brand of BB cream and although is more expensive, ($40) it's awesome. Really light and super easy to apply; I have found myself liking this over the Maybelline. It does not come in different shades and is made to adjust to your skin tone and type. Absolutely love this product! I bought mine off of Amazon (my favorite place to shop) but its also at Sephora. If you'd like to try either I've added the link to purchase from Amazon.
If you are like me and want to look and feel your best without a million different steps and products, I highly suggest a BB Cream!

I'll need to show a before and after (if I'm brave enough) so you get a better idea. No, I'm not naturally this beautiful ;)
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