Jan 25, 2013

Food Updates

Brody is really getting the hang of the eating thing.  He no longer just pushes the food around on his tray and actually brings the food to his mouth.  He has only managed to swallow banana and avocado but he appears to be liking sucking and gumming on other foods.

I have to admit that the fear of him choking has not really diminished.  I am trying to trust in the method and believe that he is far better equipped to not choke than I probably give him credit for.  He has gagged a few times and that is seriously terrifying! You know the whole cough, followed by the red watery eyes and then a whole chunk of food falls out of his mouth.  It always helps that after he does this he gives me a huge smile.  Last night while I was making dinner, Aaron was sitting with Bman and I heard at first a very calm call of my name followed by two more frantic calls of, "Court!"  I ran to the table, but by the time I had gone the 10 feet Aaron already had Brody out of his chair ready to administer infant CPR.  Meanwhile, Brody is clearly fine and still gnawing on a pepper.  

We continue to offer him food at least once per day.  Really it's whenever we have time and whenever he is well fed and not hungry; since he is not really 'eating' the method suggests you should never place them in their chair hungry or else they may get frustrated.  Aaron has been giving him something in the morning after I head to work and if we have time when we get home in the evening we'll sit him down and have a snack with us.  Our evening routine is just so crazy (we get home at 6) so until his bedtime gets pushed back a bit I don't know how we could all eat dinner together.

Here are some photos from this week's food offerings:

I found little Brody sized bananas which he loved and they were the perfect size.  It also prevented me from having to eat the rest of his banana


 Peppers (appears to be his favorite so far)

 Sweet potato fries

I asked the pediatrician if we should wait a few days before offering foods (even though the BLW method says there is no need to) and he said because neither Aaron or I have allergies we didn't have to.  Also, the new research says that by waiting until 6 months to offer solids reduces the risk for allergies.  We have just been giving him things we have on hand and of course monitoring for any reactions. 

In closing, a friend posted this on my facebook page and I love it!  It touches on all the parts of the BLW I could not express in my first post.

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