Oct 30, 2012

Pumpkin Farm

The thought of not taking BB to a pumpkin farm on his first Halloween sounded awful to me, so on Sunday we headed out to Sinkland Farms in Christiansburg, VA. I'll admit, there was hardly anything for a three month old to do but I'm glad we went!
Our weekends in October escaped us. Aaron is in full swing with meets and recruiting so finding an afternoon we could go together as a family boiled down to this last Sunday. They predicted rain all day but luckily it held out long enough for us to drive 30 minutes, pay five bucks to park, get a few pictures with a pumpkin (or two) and head back home. The weather was cool and windy so hardly ideal for the babe but regardless we enjoyed our time.

My little 'pumpkin.' How cute is his hat?? Thanks Auntie Kerry!

Tomorrow Brody is going to help hand out candy to the neighbor kiddos. He had a little outfit to wear to school and something else to wear at night. Stay tuned for pictures ;)
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