Oct 27, 2012

Enjoying the little things....

I've always loved music. Some of my earliest memories are of my sister and I dancing to Van Halen in our living room. I remember laughing as we jumped to the song "Jump" and the record would skip.

The house we currently live in has speakers wired in the ceilings and when I am home cleaning or playing with the babe I plug in my phone and set Pandora to whatever station tickles my fancy for that moment. This morning I set the channel to Zac Brown Band, put the baby in his swing to nap and I got moving on a Saturday morning power clean. As "Whatever It Is" played through the speakers I stopped and sang a bit to Brody (I love that song) and he flashed me a huge smile. Guess we have a country music lover too.

The next song to come on was Darius Rucker "Won't Be Like This For Long." Now, I've heard this song a million times and love it but for whatever reason today it really hit me. While on my hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor I had a tear roll down my face. I became so overwhelmed with emotion thinking about Brody and it reminded me to slow down and enjoy all my time with him. I hustled to finish cleaning and decided that after our quick trip to Target I was going to spend the rest of the day doing nothing but cuddling and loving up on my babe. The week is so busy and we get lost in routines-the weekends are meant for quality bonding time with my fabulous three month old. Cleaning can wait.

So we did just that, a whole lot of nothing. We played, napped, watched some football and took the pups for two walks. Brody did have a new toy to play with/in. I hit up the Target baby sale and picked up a bouncer chair for him. We never registered for one and I never found the need for it but at school he loves it! I saw it on sale today I thought I'd be a good addition to his toy collection. He played in it for quite a bit today:

It's the little things in life that really mean the most to me. Even though it took a song to remind me of that I am so glad I chose that channel this morning. And good thing it was at 7:15am- changed my whole outlook for the day :)

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