Aug 27, 2012

Fun With Family!

What a fabulous weekend! My wonderful older sister Leann and adorable nephew Liam came from Massachusetts for a visit and to meet the handsome Brodyman. Liam wasn't all that interested in his cousin as Brody doesn't really play too much but he certainly had a great time exploring the house, playing with Brody's toys and feeding the dogs food from his high chair. My sister also has a Weimaraner so Liam was a little confused and kept calling Willis his dog's name, Casey.

Aaron and I have lived in this house for nearly 3 months and everyday we pass a sign at the end of the road. I honestly never noticed it but my sister did. Apparently we have been living 6 miles from a winery and never even knew it. On Saturday Aaron watched both boys so Leann and I could take some time away from the kiddos and enjoy our time together. It was a small winery with a bed and breakfast next door. They have 11 different types of wine and we sampled them all before ordering a glass of our favorite and enjoying each others company on the deck. She is a mother to three wonderful children and loved being able to share this mommy journey with her and pick her brain for advice.

Leann and I at Bellview Estate Winery

Other highlights from our weekend:

Headed to the airport to meet his Aunt and Cousin

Handsome Liam enjoying some outdoor dining at PK's

Leann loving' on BB

Cousin stroller ride! We had such wonderful daily walks. Brody has been much more pleasant if he's in the carseat and clipped on to the Bugaboo. Who would have thought?

Love the sweet sleep smiles!

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